All questions are welcome! Here are some of the more common ones.

Will we cancel your pets trip in the case of inclement weather?
We will cancel your pets trip in an extreme weather condition such as a blizzard, or torrential rain. Also if the roads are very icy and not safe to drive on we do not want to subject your critter to any risk to their safety.
We will make every effort to contact our pet parents to give adequate notice that the critter wagon will not be rolling on that particular day.

If the conditions are favorable and we know the roads are going to pose a minor challenge we shall make certain to expand the time it would take arriving at your home or business. This of course will not affect the base rate or mileage rates we ask our pet parents to contact the business to let them know that there will be a delay in the arrival of the pet.

What if I have to cancel a few hours prior to service?
Critter wagon will invoice you for the base rate of $20.00 and ½ of what the charges would have been to transport the critter.
We ask that you cancel at least 10 hours in advance!
Are we certified in animal first aid and do we keep a first aid kit on board in the event of injury?
Yes Critter Wagon drivers are animal first aid/CPR certified and we always will have a first aid kit on board.
Are water and snacks provided for our passengers?
Yes we always keep water and snacks for our guests on board the critter wagon (water bowls are always cleaned and sanitized between uses, please let us know if your pet has any allergies to certain foods and if you would prefer we do not offer the critter a snack)
Does the Critter Wagon run on weekends?
Usually the Critter Wagon does not roll on weekends but in special circumstances we might make an exception. (in the event of weekend Transport we will charge a $50.00 dollar base rate instead of the usual  $20.00 base rate and $1.50 per mile instead of the usual .60 cents per mile)
May more than 1 critter ride in the critter wagon at a time?
We can accommodate 1 large kennel or 2 medium kennels or 3 small kennels in the wagon so the answer is yes space permitting.
What if we want Critter Wagon to provide transportation for pets such as a reptile, birds or rodents etc?
We request that the pet parent is to provide the container that your pet is comfortable riding in. We will then secure the container using tethers/bungee cords to ensure a safe and comfortable ride for our pet guest.
What if I am not satisfied with the service given?
We will do our very best to correct the situation. In some instances we will only charge ½ of your trip cost for our error. We make our  best effort to provide quality, safe, comfortable, friendly service for  our guests.
Do you keep cleaning on board in the event that the critter has an “accident”?
Even though our procedure is to let the pet do their “business” Prior to their ride “accidents” do happen. Yes we keep a supply of cleaning products and wipes to ensure that your pet arrives home looking good and smelling good. Cleanliness is a top priority! Between each transport we throughly  clean each kennel to ensure the container is safe for our next guest. Water bowls are sanitized between each ride as well.

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